2022 Roadmap for Louisville Metro Government to End Overdose and Reverse the Harms of the War on Drugs

The overdose crisis is ravaging our city. The number of Louisvillians we lose or who are struggling to access adequate services and care is staggering. No community is untouched, but the same communities that have suffered from historic poverty, divestment, inadequate healthcare, and unaddressed community needs are disproportionately impacted. The intersections between the overdose crisis, incarceration, homelessness, poverty and unmet healthcare and mental health needs are well known, as are many of the policy solutions.

International Overdose Awareness Day (August 31st), provides a critical opportunity for Louisville Metro Government to take action by enacting short-term lifesaving policy changes, along with bolder, public commitments to permanently end these crises through housing, services and care.

We urge Mayor Fischer and the Louisville City Council to use International Overdose Awareness Day to demonstrate their leadership and commitment to our city by taking immediate, bold political action to end overdose and replace failed, drug war era policies of criminalization with those grounded in justice, compassion and love.

Download the full roadmap here.